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Home & Stove are very pleased to present to you three new models from Harrie Leenders. A Harrie Leenders combines the boldest style with the highest efficiency and the cleanest combustion. New for 2016 are three exciting new stoves: Oris, Lobbe and Dayna. 

Harrie Leenders have been producing exclusive handcrafted stoves at Oirschot in The Netherlands for 37 years. It is a family run business creating first class products with a unique style that speaks for itself. The hallmarks of Harrie Leenders products are: 

  • Simplicity of style
  • Attention to detail
  • Rock solid build quality
  • Highest quality materials and design
  • An obsessive focus on creating the perfect fire
  • Efficiencies in excess of 80%
  • Most components and materials sourced locally to the factory (within 30 miles)


ORIS is the next generation of the unique three sided style pioneered by designer Judith van Brunschot and fist realised in the Harrie Leenders Trias. The aestethic values have been revisited and the specifications improved to produce an all-new version of this triangular masterpiece. Construction is as robust as you would expect from Harrie Leenders with the three structural parts solidly linked. The door can be specified to open either on right or left. The Oris is available in anthracite, black or brown. Debra pending.

Get to know the Oris better HERE.


The story of the Lobbe started with the original Boxer model back in 1982. Developed by the eponymous Harrie in cooperation with Eindhoven University of Technology, the Boxer benefitted from the very latest combustion technology resulting in a very advanced wood burning system. This World class technology has continued to make Harrie Leenders combustion performance second-to-none and the Boxer design has evolved over the years into the Boxer plus, the widescreen Mats and now the Lobbe. 

More compact than its predecessors, the Lobbe incorporates the same standards of style and performance but with a smaller footprint and a very usable output of 5kW nominal. The characteristic heat-strobing pisolith side cheeks continue to floor level on this model and this subtly different structural form underlines the fact that this is a brand new design. 

The new 5kW stove which is slightly narrower than the Boxer Plus and shallower from front to back than the Mats will open up a new market for this range in smaller and better insulated spaces. This stove is Defra exempted. 

Get to know The Lobbe better HERE.


The Dayna is closely related to the cylindrical Cylon and uniquely styled Doran but with slightly broader dimensions and a more simply defined shape. Stylistically, it also has echoes of the Fuga and this family resemblance serves to strengthen the sense of brand identity.

It is able to rotate even when fitted with a rear flu and can be fitted with the Harrie Leenders Plus heat storage stones. Debra pending. Note: flu size is only O150mm.

Get to know The Dayna better HERE.

Published: 28.07.2016