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Piazzetta Superior Pellet Stoves

Superior pellet products feature high heat output to keep your home comfortably warm plus all the benefits of an ecological and cost-effective fuel. They are easy to use, programmable, clean, safe and offer a long burn time. Pellets are discharged automatically from the hopper into the grate to feed the flame. On and off times can be programmed (with automatic ignition) as well as the required temperature. And all in total safety.

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Forced Ventilation

The user-friendly SUPERIOR pellet-stoves are not only safe, but provide a long burn time. The steel stove body plus the cast-iron baffle plate, grate and door ensure outstanding sturdiness and long life. 

Superior pellet stoves are fitted with a cross-flow fan which induces convective airflows and thereby distributes the heat accumulated in the internal exchanger more quickly and effectively throughout the entire room. In no time at all, your home is filled with blissful cosy warmth.

An advanced electronic card constantly control the fan speed for circulating hot air in relation to the power level at which the stove is operating and set rom temperature. A convenient and practical remote control is also available as an optional. 

Ducted Warm Air Distribution

Superior pellet stoves can become true heating systems for your home. 

In fact, an optional kit makes it possible to duct warm air to adjacent rooms with the certainty that they will always have the same pleasingly comfortable temperature as the room where the stove is installed. 

The warm air is made to flow through suitably insulated slim flexible ducts and exits into the adjacent rooms through special wall-mounted outlet vents.

Optional heat distribution with ventilation means that savings become the order of the day while fully respecting the environment.

The kit may be applied to only a part of the range. 

Natural Convection

Superior offers a range of stoves in which the conventional distribution of heat by natural convection and radiation, which is typical of wood-burning fireplaces, is combined with all the advantages and plus features of pellet stoves.

Whisper quiet reduced electrical consumption, low maintenance, installation in rooms not really suitable for forced ventilation plus all that pellet technology can offer, in other words: simple and practical programming of ignition and shutdown, automatic pellet feed, operation according to the required room temperature, long burn time and also remote control. 

All this, so that you can enjoy a pleasant and natural distribution of heat in total silence.


Superior offers a range of appliances with sealed firebox designed to draw the combustion air directly from outdoors and not from the room where the appliance is installed. This is all to the advantage of comfort and performance since it avoids having to make the conventional air inlets, which bring fresh air into the room from outdoors but reduce the overall efficiency of the heating system. 

Installation of the sealed appliance using a concentric pipe, which allows the simultaneous intake of combustion air and discharge of flue gas, ensures even better performance. In fact, the incoming combustion air is preheated as it comes into contact with the flue gas discharge pipe and this results in optimised combustion and efficiency, making the most of the fuel and reducing running costs. The superior sealed appliances are the best solution for passive homes in which the incoming fresh air must be perfectly controlled and calibrated, however, they also offer good efficiency and performance if installed in conventional homes. 

Boiler Stoves

The Superior Thermo pellet boiler stoves can be installed as the main space heating system in a home or be connected to any conventional or underfloor heating system or integrated with a solar heating system to obtain considerable energy savings as well as a domestic hot water supply.

The special high-efficiency steel heat exchangers ensure excellent transmission of heat to the water circulating through the pipes and radiators in your home so that you can enjoy a pleasingly comfortable warmth.

The practical and efficient Superior pellet stoves are fitted with an electronic car which constantly monitors operation and in so doing guarantee high levels of efficiency.

An automatic system of control and supervision ensures utmost operation safety and consequently peace of mind. Pellet energy offers savings and wellbeing while respecting the environment.