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A-Fire Loft

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  • LOFT - never has an Ethanol Bio Fireplace been more Flexible and Design
  • A unique remote-controlled bio fire with modern design.
  • “Loft” is the elegance of a fire design that floats in the air…

The history of bio fireplaces is indicative of the willingness to adapt new items to our modern urban lifestyle. Originally, a loft was a living space designed by artists in workshops or warehouses. These abandoned commercial or industrial spaces quickly attracted a large audience. Made up of large, open spaces, lofts retain the imprints of their former roles (vaults, metal beams, rehabilitated brick or concrete walls, etc.). The “Loft” automatic bio fireplace was designed in this spirit of modernity and openness in which different creative styles mixed.

Flexibility is the foundation of the design of the “Loft” bio ethanol fireplace. Created with a mix of brushed stainless steel with trendy glass colors, this modern fireplace is equipped with all of the AFIRE modern technology. With a Smart, Simple and Secure operation, you can now use your bio fireplace daily.



  • LOFT is available as M and L, see technical drawing.
  • LOFT is available in 4 different finishes: Satin Black, Satin White, Corten and Brushed Stainless Steel.
  • LOFT can be installed in different ways:
  • Insertable Fireplaces -  Insert on a piece of furniture, on the ground, etc. (to be fixed in place).
  • Embeddable Loft Bio Fireplaces -  Loft Bio Fireplace embedded into a wall, a shelf, etc.
  • Wall Fireplace -  Wall mounting is ensured by a provided screw-on plate.