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Harrie Leenders Boxer Plus

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  • Design - The design and technique of the Boxer Plus are based on the Boxer from 1982. This gives the Boxer Plus 30 years of experience.Everything Harrie Leenders know about combustion, warmth and fire, have been put into the Boxer Plus. With that, it is the most advanced fireplace they have ever made.

  • Fast and slow - Boxer Plus provides the ideal combination between fast and slow; the fast interior that easily reaches operating temperature and the slow sidestones that preserve the heat extra long. Until 60°C after 8 hours. (140°F)

  • Expressive - This compact fireplace is a real muscleman and has a puristic, expressive shape. 7cm thick ceramic concrete sidestones give the Boxer Plus a sturdy charisma.


1982, 30 years ago the story of the Boxer Plus started with the Boxer. Back then a stove with very sophisticated technique, developed by Harrie in cooperation with the Technical University of Eindhoven. The Boxer was a quirky stove with a typical clientele, the 'Boxer customer'. This 'Boxer customer' was often very critical and had a great interest in combustion technology.

Prestolith and Prisoltih - In the Boxer Plus we apply two different types of ceramic concrete; Prestolith and Pisolith. Prestolith is fast and fierce. Presto presto! It is used on the inside of the combustion chamber. The Boxer Plus gets to operating temperature quick and the combustion is more pure. Prisolith is slow and soft. It imprisons the heat. The side stones are made of Prisolith and give a friendly warmth for an extra long time.

In short: sophisticated, user friendly and rock solid.



GROSS EFFICIENCY: 73.6% (81% Nett) Approx
FUEL TYPE: Any dry wood based fuel
DEFRA Smoke Control Exempt: YES
AREA HEATED @ -1°C: 70m3 (2570 FT3) Approx.
FLUE SIZE: 150mm
ORDERING LEAD TIMES: 4 to 8 weeks.

APPROVED FOR USE IN SMOKE CONTROLLED AREAS - The Harrie Leenders woodburning stoves are DEFRA exempt stoves. DEFRA is the UK government's Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and in relation to wood stoves and multifuel stoves is concerned with smoke emissions in accordance with the Clean Air Act 1993. A DEFRA exempt stove is a wood stove suitable for the burning of wood in smoke controlled areas.