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A Lobbe, only taller. A Boxer Plus, but then not so deep. A Mats, but more slender. That is the Warne. Even without all these comparisons, the Warne is a great stove. Wonderful slow heat and a beautiful burn. Such a pity you cannot see the inside, because it is so elegantly interlocked. Super simple, which is exactly why it is so good.

The long side blocks on the Warne act like a savings account. They are made from Prisolith and temporarily store the fire’s energy. If all that energy were released immediately, the room would soon become uncomfortably hot. The side blocks maintain the temperature at a comfortable level and the Warne continues to radiate heat for several hours.

Anything that is not required immediately is put aside for later. Just like a savings account.

The Warne's slender fire chamber is ideal for long, lazy flames. Even a small block of wood burns with a long flame. The combination of a special ceramic lining and preheated combustion air is responsible for this effect. So you can enjoy an attractive play of fire with just a small amount of wood.


Fuel Type


Minimum Output

2 kW

Maximum Output

8 kW



Chamber Size (WxD) (Base)


Fire View Size (HxW)



153 kg

Flue Outlet Size / Position

150mm Top

Minimum Flue Height



See installation manual

Tested to

EN13240:2001/EN13240 A2:2004


5 Years

Order Lead Times

4 to 6 weeks


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